Saturday, February 19, 2005

I'm a Betazoid/Vulcan

I know I'm not the first person to claim this. Well, I might have been first, but a friend of mine informed me of another friend saying the same thing without either one of us who said it consulting the other, so I know I'm at least not the only one to say this, "this" being the declaration of being half-Vulcan and half-Betazoid.

Vulcans, as even non-Trek nerds are commonly aware, are the logical pointy-eared look-were-tolkien-elves-but-we're-in-space aliens of the Trek universe. The betazoids, on the other hand, seem to be a more emotional sort who are telepathic, empathic, and enjoy nude weddings. I'm curious how many Ferengi would try to sell tickets to traditional betazoid weddings... but I digress.

Counselor Troi, a half-betazoid, half-human counselor on Star Trek: The Next Generation, couldn't read people's thoughts. If she could, she would've switched to a different outfit well before she did in the series. Anyway, she was empathic, and could pick up on and share other peoples' emotions.

I'm by no means psychic, but I do pick up on and have strong feelings regarding peoples emotions based on their body language, speech, facial expressions, etc. It's too a point where I consider, or at least hope it to be, abnormal. The only reason I would hope for this to be abnormal is because if it's NOT abnormal, then I know a lot of people who are intentionally very, very rude, and if it IS abnormal, then they just don't realize the hurt or frustration they're causing. So basically, it's my optimistic hope for the world that I'm a freak.

Anyway, the whole "feeling the emotions of those around me" dealie is one reason I often find conversations online awkward. I'm aware that I'm talking to someone, but it feels so simulated, and my natural empathy is useless. It's really easy to take something too seriously or too lightly when all I have to go with is text. Context would normally be enough to prevent misunderstandings, but with sarcasm being as popular as it is... ^^;

Hey, a smilie! ^_^ I like those. They help fill the empathy gap. Buddy icons and forum avatars help too.... or maybe they don't. Just because somebody has a smiling happy avatar doesn't mean they don't mean it when they say they want to hit me with blunt objects ^^;

And the Vulcan side has to do with my problem solving and programming tactics. I've been called innovative... I'd say to a fault. Trying to be innovative can be a big flaw when it results in obsessively trying to get an experiment of little actual value to work. ...that doesn't sound Vulcan at all, really... Romulan? Android? Borg? ....Ferengi???

In conclusion, I like Star Trek.


Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Taking Sides

I feel like ranting so badly that all I can manage to say is "BLOG!"

...Well, I guess that explains why this is called a blog...

It seems common for people to like or dislike something to the point of getting nasty about it. I go to forums and read people saying stuff like "how can you not like this" or "how can you possibly like that" and throwing insults back and forth over liking different things. I was at the Keentoons forums earlier and read Matt Wilson of Bonus Stage taking a crack at Sinfest fans.

Ok, that might not be the best example given that he was probably a little cheesed at the criticisms he was recieving from a Sinfest reader, but I myself read Sinfest and don't like being insulted for it.

ANYWAY... where the crap was I? Last I checked coherency and logic isn't really a necessity for online journals, but I'd like to have SOME semblance of a point...

Ah. My point was that it seems common for some people to get angry over trivial differences in likes and dislikes. Now, a difference of likes and dislikes along the lines of "some guy likes to kick cats" and "I own two cats who I don't want to see kicked", that's one thing. This person's hobby could hurt my fuzzy friends; I'd have good reason to get huffy about it. If that same guy instead liked watching "American Idol" and I instead would rather watch "The Critic" on DVD, I don't see why we would need to be at each other's throat over it.

In conclusion, I'll beat the tar out of anyone who messes with my cats.


Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Time to get out the Hammer...

I was already late with my comic for wednesday when my computer didn't want to shut down properly. I wound up manually shutting it down, and the folder containing my default firefox preferences became corrupt. Hooray! To top it off, the chkdsk never seems to want to work right when I startup the computer, and displays a long message for a second before restarting itself. Obviously, whatever it's trying to tell me is lost to the ages.

Odds are best that I can solve the whole hoo-hah by running chkdsk from the Windows CD itself, and I can evidently still use everything just fine assuming I skip chkdsk at startup (well, everything except my default firefox profile), so it's not catastrophic. It's just annoying. This is why the hammer is my "Mr. Fix-it" utensil of choice.

In any case, I'm suddenly very glad that I've gotten into the habit of making nightly incremental backups of the "my documents" folder along with a folder filled with various installation files. Even if this minor glitch does get blown out of proportion, I'll still have all my important stuff backed up. Hooray for my relatively-inexpensive-and-bought-on-sale internal DVD-RW drive!

Dan Shive's Blog

I'm Dan Shive, author of El Goonish Shive, and I decided to get a blog.

Hey, all the cool kids were doing it!

Anyway, I decided to get a blog to a) see what it's like, and b) to have a place to post stuff that might not necessarily be EGS-related. While it certainly feels like it sometimes, my entire life doesn't revolve around EGS. I draw other things that never were too!

In any case, I'm likely to be linking to this page from EGS, so it may FEEL like it's EGS focused, but it's "Dan and whatever the crap is on his mind" focused. This may include EGS, but it could just as easily be about Ewoks. Ewoks are fuzzy and live on Endor.